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Get a glimpse of our dedicated, clever and creative team. Individually we (along with ad hoc contractors) are leaders in our respective fields and make LHM & Co. a multidisciplinary marketing group.We live for new challenges and work hard to cater to our clients’ every need. We look forward to helping amplify and advance your brand.


Lesley Harmoning

Head of Media & Operations

Working for one of the largest electronic components distributors in the world for nearly thirteen years, and spending the next decade-plus running her own company selling and managing ad programs for RF and electronics companies around the globe, Lesley's knowledge of industry media, distribution channels, and traffic analysis is hard to compete with. Add in a dose of detail-oriented project management and you've got a guarantee that projects are executed as effectively as possible.


Kelly Pahlen

Head of Creative & Production

Over the last decade Kelly has worked with a multitude of companies –across a variety of industries – helping bring their vision to life in both print and digital formats. From product packaging, catalogs and sales collateral, and ads to full-blown branding campaigns, Kelly's ability to assess existing materials and derive an impactful, cohesive visual message is unparalleled.


Jill Thibert

Head of Media Sales

Jill is an intuitive, driven business development and sales pro, adept at building partnerships between companies and fostering growth. Jill began her career in the biomass industry, managing dealer development, sales and marketing.  Although relatively new to electronics and tech, Jill has this innate ability to converse and connect with clients and to develop media plans squarely aligned with their objectives and goals. At LHM, Jill oversees all media partnerships, advertising sales, and company growth initiatives within our media group.


Erica Hanson

Head of PR & Social

Erica's experience in writing has been battle-hardened at some of the largest companies in North America, landing her content under the eyes of some of the most scrutinizing editors in manufacturing and distribution. With the unique ability to both create succinct, technical content and creative social media campaigns with flair, Erica is a genuine Swiss Army knife of content generation.


Kristin Hamre

Media Sales & Ad Trafficking

Kristin’s career in business covers many years in leadership and administration for a variety of regional corporations. Through these roles, she learned that concise communication is essential to any successful business relationship, every detail matters, and a fantastic customer experience is what creates the greatest companies. At LHM & Co, Kristin brings these ideals into her role every single day.

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