Working with F5 Project, a Fargo, ND-based non-profit

We recently had the privilege of helping F5 Project promote an event they are hosting this month.

F5 Project is a Fargo, ND-based non-profit that works with people across our region struggling to find stable employment, safe housing, or a support system due to criminal records, incarceration, addiction, or mental health disorders.

The November 16th Workforce & Housing Summit brings together second-chance employers, housing rental companies, community members, and individuals seeking these resources to spark conversations and connections around employment and housing.

The organization asked us to help create a promotional piece for local distribution and media placement and to make recommendations on how best to reach target audiences. This poster is one of the outcomes of this project:

The poster is currently on display in establishments in and around the Fargo and Grand Forks, ND areas and iterated for social and PR.

We always enjoy a new design project, but this was fun and heartening. We have been following the F5 Project for some time now and love its mission and outreach.

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