2023 EverythingRF and PCB Directory media kits are available for download

The 2023 EverythingRF and PCB Directory media kits are now available for download. If you’re manufacturing devices and/or software for the RF or PCB industry, download and read to learn about potential advertising possibilities for next year.

2023 EverythingRF media kit
2023 PCB Directory media kit

SpecPick has a massive footprint in the realm of electronics industry-focused publishers. With hundreds of thousands of users, a global readership, and top-notch content – if you’re looking for applicable audience for your products, SpecPick can help.

To learn more, check out the media kits and reach out to Jill Thibert at (218) 280-2821 or via email at jill@lhmandco.com for all the details.

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