Elektor International Media BV has acquired European Business Press SA

Our long-time, Brussels based publishing partner, European Business Press, publisher of eeNews Europe and ECI France, has been acquired by Elektor International Media.


The impetus for this acquisition was the well-deserved retirement of EBPs owner/publisher, Andre Rousselot, who is winding down his 42-year career in publishing. Both Elektor and EBP will continue operations with their current teams, ensuring business continuity while fostering growth and collaboration. Spearheaded by Erik Jansen, Managing Director of Elektor, the expanded organization aims to maintain excellence in editorial coverage and market analysis, led by EBP’s talented team.

There is very little crossover between the Elektor and EBP audiences and editorial focus, making the two more complimentary than competitive. With the addition of Elektor to our portfolio, we have an additional 300,000 unique engineers, pro-makers and students to target.

In addition to print magazines published in English, German, Dutch and French, and standard digital offerings like web banners and newsletters, Elektor has a multilingual team of engineers and journalists that publish around 25 engineering books per year. This same team is available to our clients for custom publishing and webinars – two possibilities we were previously lacking.

Call or email Jill to learn more about our new Elektor offerings!

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